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The hot temperatures of an El Paso summer are getting few and far between as the cold season in the desert begins. The swamp cooler finds itself being used less and less as you make other preparations to enjoy the season. Pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes, and hot lattes may be the staples of the season, but homeowners all around the city have to think about preparing their swamp coolers for the winter. At Diaz Services, we have some tips to make sure your swamp cooler is ready to keep you cool when the hot weather starts rolling in again.

Winter Swamp Cooler Essentials

Prepping your swamp cooler for winter is crucial to ensure it’s lifespan and overall efficiency. It not only will help you prevent your lines from freezing, but also keep away mold and mildew that can form in pooled water.

Must Do #1- Disconnect the Water Lines

Your swamp cooler relies on your water line to keep your home cool during the summer. As the weather chills, the first important thing to remember is that you have to disconnect that line from your unit. Shut off the main valve in your unit, disconnect the line, and make sure both the valve and the line have been emptied of all water. If you leave the water in there, it will end up cracking and breaking the valve and/or line.

Must Do #2- Drain the Water from Every Part of the Unit

We can’t emphasize how much water is the enemy to your swamp cooler during the winter. As essential as it is for the system to work during the summer, during the month’s it’s just idling around, water is the main enemy. Leaving water in any part of the proper unit not only puts it in danger of freezing and breaking, but sitting water is a haven for all sorts of mold and mildew. This can be as damaging to your unit as a freeze.

Must Do #3- Prepare it For Next Year

After you’ve drained the water, disconnected the lines, and made sure your swamp cooler is as dry as the El Paso desert, it is a good idea to give it a good scrub down to get rid of all the dust and dirt it accumulated during the spring and summer. In addition, it’s a good idea to cover it up with a tarp or special cover to give it that extra protection during the period of hibernation.

Diaz Services can Help with Swamp Coolers and More

We know that for most people, the idea of DIY swamp cooler or HVAC maintenance can be a bit daunting. As it is, it is always a better idea to have a professional look over your unit as the seasons turn. In order to keep your unit efficient and working properly, we recommend that you get at your unit checked out by professionals at least twice a year. Diaz Services is ready to help, so call today!

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El Paso has experienced record breaking high temperatures over the years, and while many people enjoy summers because warm temperatures mean pool parties, tan lines, and shorts, it can also be a time of severe health problems, especially for someone who lives without proper air conditioning. There are many dangers of intense heat that everyone should be aware of.

Intense Heat: Health Dangers

The human body adjusts to heat in two ways; through breathing and through sweating. However, your body can experience a myriad of symptoms and issues when it experiences extreme heat, and some of these can even be deadly, which is why it is important to combat the heat as much as you can. These symptoms include:

Your Body- A number of things start to happen to your body when your internal temperature increases due to the outside world. You may experience painful muscle cramps, heat edema--a condition which causes blood to pool in your feet, ankles, and hands, which is why your rings may fit in the winter but not the summer--and heat rash on your skin, which happens because your sweat pores become clogged. In prolonged heat, you may stop sweating altogether and experience a heat stroke, which can even be fatal.

Your Brain- One of the most common side effects of heat on your brain is irritability. When you’re exposed to high heat over long periods of time, it can take a toll on your brain. You may become dizzy, delusional, and you can even hallucinate. In extreme heat, you can lose your ability for basic skills, like motor skills and deduction. This is because when you’re experiencing high levels of heat, your brain is receiving less water and you lose a lot of salt because of sweat. This can have adverse effects on your body.

Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion- When your body experiences this kind of stress from the heat, it can undergo two very extreme conditions; heat stroke and heat exhaustion. You usually experience heat exhaustion right before a heat stroke. When you experience heat exhaustion, you sweat profusely, become dizzy, nauseated, and fatigued, and have a severe headache. When heat exhaustion progresses to a heat stroke, your body temperature rises to 104 or more degrees Fahrenheit, which can become deadly, especially without treatment. While going through a heat stroke, you usually stop sweating and your symptoms worsen, causing you to vomit or pass out.

It’s important to protect yourself from excess heat, especially when exercising and during periods of extremely high temperatures, something we experience frequently here in El Paso.

What to Do if You or a Loved One Experiences Heat Exhaustion/Stroke

If you or a loved one experiences heat exhaustion or a heat stroke, it can be scary. While the symptoms of both are similar, it’s important to seek medical treatment if you or someone you know experiences a heat stroke, though medical treatment for heat exhaustion is not always necessary. For a rule of thumb, people usually sweat profusely during heat exhaustion, but don’t sweat at all when having a heat stroke. If you suspect you or someone else is experiencing heat exhaustion, you should:

Get yourself or your loved one out of the sun and into a cool area

Place ice packs under the armpits and on the groin

Drink plenty of water and drinks with electrolytes to rehydrate, but avoid drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine

If heat exhaustion progresses to a heat stroke, it’s important to seek medical attention right away

Heat Stroke and Exhaustion Prevention

There are many things you can do to prevent these issues from happening. This includes:

Staying Hydrated: Whether you’re out and about or relaxing in your backyard on a hot, sunny day, it’s important to stay hydrated. Drink water and sports drinks with electrolytes to ensure you rehydrate. This is important because when you’re hot, you sweat a lot, losing excess water and salt that goes toward keeping you hydrated. You sweat because your body is attempting to cool your blood down, but when your body fails to absorb the sweat, like when it’s humid outside, it can result in a decrease in the amount of blood and water going to your brain, causing several issues. Staying hydrated can help counter these problems.

Know Your Limit: While you can’t always avoid being outside during El Paso’s hottest days of the year, it’s important to know how much you can handle. Some people can handle the heat better than others, so plan your day accordingly. Also, if you’re outside and you start feeling bad or any of the symptoms mentioned above, get inside and in a cool area as soon as you can.

Use Your Air Conditioner: While this may seem like common sense, many people choose to not run their swamp cooler often enough to either save money or to avoid needing to get it fixed or maintained as often, but this can have severe consequences for you, your family, and your pets, if you have any. It’s important to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, even when you’re away, to make sure everyone stays comfortable and healthy.

How Your Swamp Cooler Works

Just like any other kind of air conditioner, your swamp cooler’s main job is to keep you cool. Your swamp cooler works by taking in warm air and using the air to evaporate water that it stores on pads in the machine. The water evaporates, cooling the air, which is then released back into your home.

Why Are Swamp Coolers Important?

Without a properly working air conditioner, and without running your AC for that matter, your home can actually reach temperatures hotter than the outside temperature, endangering you and your family. Swamp coolers are important because they work to keep you cool and, more importantly, keep you safe during the hottest days of El Paso’s summers. Knowing these facts about the effects of intense heat on the human body, it’s important to make sure you not only utilize your swamp cooler, but to make sure it is maintained regularly and repaired as soon as a problem arises. This way, you and your family stay safe and comfortable, even during triple-digit heat.

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If your cooling system is in need of replacement, then you have a decision to make. You need to decide if you want a swamp cooler or a traditional air conditioner to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Whichever you choose Diaz Services can help.

While its name may indicate that it keeps the gators cool, the opposite is actually true and it is a good choice for homes in the El Paso area. This is due to the fact that swamp coolers need dry conditions in order to work properly and would malfunction in the humid climate that is generally associated with swamps.

How Does a Swamp Cooler Work?

Swamp coolers are a type of humidifier as they put water into the air. These machines take the outside air and pull it through moist pads. This causes it to be cooled by evaporation. The air is then circulated through the house by a large blower. Through this process, the temperature of the air can be lowered as much as 30 degrees. Since it needs the outside air, some windows and doors should be left open during use. By choosing which ones remain open, you help to direct the cooler air to where you want it.

Refrigerated Air

This is the exact opposite of how a traditional air conditioner functions. A traditional air conditioner works by passing air over a set of coils filled with a chemical refrigerant. The air temperature is reduced by the coils, sent into your house, and is then re-circulated over and over through the same process. In addition, the machine sends the hot air generated in the process outside. Leaving doors and windows open causes the cool air to escape and makes the system work harder.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swamp Coolers

Some advantages of using a swamp cooler include the facts that it uses a much less electricity than central air and you can plug it into a standard outlet. Moreover, it can be installed without having a duct system and it does not use potentially harmful chemicals.

However, be aware that not only does it have to be dry in order for it to work properly, you need fresh air, as well. If you live in an area that is prone to air pollution, this may not be your best bet. The pads are expensive and failure to shut down and drain it in the winter can lead to expensive repairs the following summer.

Ups and Downs of Refrigerated Air

On the other hand, central air conditioners run in many different climates and are less expensive to maintain because they usually only require regular filter changes. The filters are economical. The temperature is more accurate is and set with a thermostat.

That being said, air conditioning installation is expensive because you need ducts and an air handler to move the air and a special outlet to plug it into. They are also more expensive to run, especially if you leave doors and windows open.

If you are in El Paso and need air cooling system advice or assistance, Diaz Services can help. They install, repair, and maintain units to keep you comfortable all year round.

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If you are in El Paso, you may be thinking about the differences between swamp coolers and a traditional AC. As homeowners, picking out the best air conditioner unit is an essential part of making your home comfortable. There is no definitive way of deciding which unit is better, but one can be better suited for your needs. Professionals like Diaz Services have worked with homes all over El Paso. Here is what you need to know about swamp coolers in El Paso’s arid climate.

How Swamp Coolers Function

Unlike traditional AC units, a swamp cooler actually relies on a natural occurrence in nature to cool your home. Specifically, when warm dry air takes in moisture, there is a natural drop in temperature of up to twenty degrees. A swamp cooler mimics this process and amplifies it to produce cooler temperatures in the wide spaces of your home. It does this by sucking in warm dry air and filtering it through water filters inside the unit. It then releases the air which is now significantly cooler than before.

Swamp Coolers in El Paso

Naturally, this system works extremely well in our desert climate. That is why many homeowners in El Paso have chosen swamp coolers over a traditional AC unit. A refrigerated AC unit in El Paso has to use a lot of energy to keep your home at a cool temperature. This will be reflected on the monthly energy bill. A traditional unit less is also worse for the environment as it releases more carbon emissions. Swamp coolers on the other hand, will keep your home cool at a significantly lower cost since it does not have to work as hard. This also means that swamp coolers are better for already our desert environment.

Since we live in El Paso, swamp coolers are an efficient option for your any home here. By using the environment’s dry climate, a swamp cooler will keep your home cool at an affordable price. It is also the best option for the environment as it uses significantly less energy to function throughout the day. Here at Diaz Services, we care about your home and our environment. When it comes to taking care of both, a swamp cooler is definitely the best option to have.

Contact us today. We have HVAC experts that can answer your questions and provide excellent customer service.